Police searching for driver who hit woman, eventually left scene

Video shows a white car rolling through a stop sign and hitting the woman in a parking lot.??

ATLANTA — Deedra Stearns says she is thankful to be alive after seeing video of her getting hit by a car about two weeks ago.

Stearns gave the video to Channel 2's Alyssa Hyman. It shows a white car rolling through a stop sign and hitting her near her job in northwest Atlanta.

"I was very shocked because I didn't know how it happened," Stearns said.

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Stearns told Hyman she doesn't remember any of it.

"In my mind, I was like, ‘Oh, maybe it was just a little bump or something,' and I just fell over on my right side. But after watching it, I couldn't believe that she hit me the way that she did," Stearns said.

She said she had gotten out to her car to get something when she was hit.

Stearns was knocked unconscious.


"I don't remember being awake at Grady (Hospital). I don't remember anything until about when my kids came home and I was at home," Stearns said.

The odd thing about this case is the driver stayed at the scene long enough to talk to firefighters but left without ever talking to police or leaving her information.

"She knows that she has hit me. She knows that I was unconscious. I think I finally did come to right before the ambulance showed up, so I don't know if (she thought) that was a sign that I was OK and she could leave. I don't know what she was thinking,” Stearns said.

The crash report Hyman obtained from Atlanta police even said the driver told firefighters she was late for a meeting and didn't see the stop sign and that the driver made no attempt to contact police regarding the incident.

"I just really want to catch this woman. I’m just really disappointed," Stearns said.

According to the report, the driver is possibly in her early 30s.

As for Stearns, she is recovering but has a lot of bruises, is sore and is still having to take things very slowly.