Police search for person of interest in Lenox shooting

A woman shot during an attempted robbery at Lenox Square remains in the hospital recovering while her fiancé is giving new insight in the events that led to the shooting.

ATLANTA — Atlanta police released a surveillance photo of a person of interest in the shooting of a mother outside Lenox Square.

Officers are trying to identify the man, who was caught on camera inside Forever Diamonds at Lenox shortly before the shooting Wednesday night.

The victim, Jenna White, her fiancé and their 2-year-old child were also inside the store at the time. On video, the man walks around the store on his phone before leaving without buying anything.

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After White, a tourist from South Carolina, left the store with her fiancé and child, a man approached her and shot her during a robbery attempt.

Police are not calling the man a suspect at this point.

“It's hard to determine what someone is doing simply by looking at a video. It is a very complex investigation. A lot of video to go through. It's very early in the investigation, and a lot of unknowns,” Atlanta police Maj. Paul Guerucci said.

Officers are asking anyone who recognizes him to call them or call Crime Stoppers.