• Police say thieves stole man's identity, went on shopping spree

    By: Michael Seiden


    ATLANTA - An Atlanta man says two men used his identity to open up lines of credit at department stores across the city.

    The thieves wracked up $12,000 in charges.

    "My credit dropped over 125 points in two weeks," the victim said.

    The man, who asked to remain anonymous, spoke to Channel 2's Michael Seiden on Tuesday.

    His nightmare began after he received a suspicious email from Xfinity Mobile on June 10.

    “This email pops up and it said, ‘You have bought some phones,’” he said.


    But it wasn't until he went online and checked his credit report that he realized he was faced with a major problem

    There were two or three other credit inquiries. 

    “One was Ashley Furniture. The other was Helzberg Diamond Jewelry,” he said. “So apparently they bought a $3,000 diamond through Helzberg Jewelry so they went online and applied for the credit."

    The thieves didn't stop there. They hit up two different Macy's.

    Surveillance photos show the thieves while they shopped inside the Lenox Square Mall location.

    “I’m hoping someone will see these pictures and be able to identify these suspects,” the victim said. “I don’t know where they got the information or how they were able to produce the information.”

    The victim said he's extremely careful when it comes to his personal information. He shreds his mail before he throws it away. He added that he never stores his passwords online but somehow these thieves still managed to steal his info.

    Seident also reached out to the Atlanta Police Department to find out if there are other victims and they said it's still under investigation.

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