Star of movie 'Snow on tha Bluff' arrested following church standoff

ATLANTA — An Atlanta man surrendered peacefully after a standoff with police at a church on the 500 block of Spencer Street during a funeral service.

Police say Curtis Ward, also known as Curtis Snow, barricaded himself inside the ladies room of a church on the 500 block of Spencer Street.

Snow starred a drama movie called


Police said they did not find any weapons on Snow when they arrested him.

The funeral at Higher Ground Empowerment Church was for a 94-year-old man.

The church's pastor said Ward's grandson got into an argument with someone at the funeral and that's when police were called.

Police don't know if the grandson is actually armed in the church bathroom, but armed officers are in place around the building.

"It didn't ruin it (the funeral). The young man that's allegedly barred inside the church, that's his granddad. Young people grieve differently. I don't think he was here to hurt anyone," pastor Dexter Johnson said.

Several streets around the church were temporarily closed while police were involved in a standoff.

Linda Adams describes her brief run in with Snow in the moments before others at the funeral called 911.

"As I was bending down to kiss her and say how sorry I was that's when she grabbed me and said 'Help my grandson. Do something for my grandson.'" Adams said.

Adams says claims that police SWAT response was overkill are ridiculous.

"They did what they were trained to do, and that's to make sure everyone was safe," Adams said.

An Atlanta police officer who used to work in the city's Bluff neighborhood says Snow victimized many people over the years by supplying drugs to the area.