Police investigating who sent 2 pounds of pot to high school

Someone shipped a box of marijuana from a California school to Carver High School in southeast Atlanta.

The package arrived around lunchtime Monday to the registrar's office at Carver High School.

"And one of the employees at the school opened the package and found out it was two pounds of marijuana," Sgt. Warren Pickard with the Atlanta Police Department.

Atlanta police are investigating the intended recipient.

"The address on the package is not clear. The tracking number is clear, and we're following some leads on that but the actual name is not clear," Pickard said.

Neighbor Nicole Sims says this is essentially drug trafficking through schools.

"That really surprises me, how that could happen? I mean don't they open up the boxes at the post office to see what the contents are before they reach the schools?" neighbor Sabrina Sims said.

The biggest question remaining is who is behind sending drugs from coast to coast.

"All avenues in the investigation are being looked at. We're not ruling anything out. It was delivered to the school. That's concerning enough for us," Pickard said.

That package of marijuana is with the Atlanta police narcotics unit.