Police catch repeat offender, but victims wonder when he’ll strike again

ATLANTA — A known burglar who has been targeting women in Atlanta houses for more than a year is behind bars again.

But that hasn’t stopped him from re-committing the same crimes that his victims worry may happen again.

Errin Greir remembers catching him asleep in her garage in April in her Garden Hills neighborhood.

“It’s a very uncomfortable feeling. And I want that reassurance. I want that, ‘Hey, we’re taking this seriously,’” Greir said.

Over the past year, police say he’s broken into homes in the neighborhood, squatted and stolen money.

Two weeks ago, he broke into Greir’s neighbor’s house while she was home.

“She was brave enough to pull out a gun from her drawer and she aimed at him. She missed but she said he let out a scream,” Grier said.

It’s the same home he broke into last May that led to the first arrest of Robert Giambrone, 40.

He would be arrested two more times for theft and trespassing before striking in a different neighborhood.

Last Saturday, police say David Roberts’ house sitter chased out Giambrone near Cheshire Bridge Road.


“Now, the whole neighborhood (is looking) out for him,” Roberts said.

Not before he stole and began to use credit cards that belonged to the deceased husband of Roberts’ friend.

“As soon as she saw it, she just fell to pieces,” Roberts said.

But on Tuesday, he used the credit cards again at a nearby vape shop.

Roberts told Channel 2′s Matt Johnson that he rushed over, saw it was him, then called 911, and the Atlanta police took him into custody yet again.

“Hopefully the district attorney will keep him in jail for a while. Let him learn a lesson,” Roberts said.

A judge set his bail at $8,500, according to the sheriff’s office.

The people who’ve run into him say he needs help and he needs to keep his distance.

“I feel bad for someone going through that. Don’t come in my home,” Grier said.

Giambrone has been charged with first-degree burglary, financial transaction card fraud, two counts of forgery in the third degree and theft by taking.