Partner of woman killed in Piedmont Park feels lost without her ‘favorite person in the world’

ATLANTA — The partner of the woman killed in Piedmont Park along with her dog says she is living in a state of disbelief.

Katie Janness was stabbed multiple times and her body disfigured.

Emma Clark, Janness’ partner, says she lost her favorite person in the world, and it hurts.

“Heartbroken. Very sad,” Clark said. “I’ve been angry a lot of time because none of it makes any sense to me.”

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Clark said her nightmare began July 27, around 11 p.m. Janness came to see her at work, then went to walk their dog, Bowie.

“We said goodbye. Said be safe. Love you, see you later,” Clark said.

She said Janness wasn’t home when she got off, so she called her. Janness never answered, so Clark used the Find My Phone app. It said Janness was at Piedmont Park.

“I went straight there. And that’s where I found both of them,” Clark said.

Janness had been stabbed multiple times. Her body was disfigured.

Bowie had also been killed.


Police have been searching for the killer.

Meanwhile, people who visit the popular park don’t feel safe with a killer on the loose.

Clark said she and Janness were never concerned about safety at the park.

“I want them to find whoever did this,” Clark said. “I’ve talked to Katie about this before. She never worried about her being out at night. It doesn’t seem like anything really is being done about it.”

Now she plans to move from the area.

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“There’s not a place in midtown that I can go where I’m not going to think about her or what happened,” Clark said. “She was just to me my favorite person in the world.”

Clark said she doesn’t know much about the investigation or whether police have a suspect or not.

What she does know is Bowie tried to protect Janness and may have lost his life because of it.

“If anybody had come with ill intention, I don’t think he would have stood down at all,” Clark said.

Police said they have increased their presence at the park.