Parents say airline never notified them about children's diverted flight

Carter and Etta Gray

ATLANTA — Parents are upset after they say their children were stranded at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

They say no one contacted them after the plane carrying their children was diverted to Atlanta due to weather.

The children stayed at a hotel with an airline worker and shared a room with four other children.

It was the children’s first flight without their parents and it did not go as expected.


They were headed to Orlando from Iowa.

Carter and Etta Gray, ages 9 and 7, were returning from a trip to see their grandparents on July 22.

Their parents say an airline employee drove their children in an employee's own car to a hotel to stay the night.

When the kids got to the hotel, they say their kids texted them.

Four other children and their son shared a bed with a teenager he had just met.

They say no one with the airline ever told them, and they only learned about it when their children called them.

Frontier Airlines sent Channel 2 Action News a statement saying:

"Our records show that the children were in contact with their mother before being transported to the hotel and with their father the following morning."