Plan to build new home for paralyzed football player falls through

Devon Gales searching for new home after group promised to remodel old home

ATLANTA — More than a year after a college football player was paralyzed in a game, he and his family still do not have a home.

Devon Gales played football for Southern University and was seriously injured in a football game against the University of Georgia in 2015.


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Gales has been in Atlanta as he goes through therapy at the Shepherd Center. He and his family are currently staying in a one-bedroom apartment.

His family’s home in Baton Rouge was destroyed by a flood last year.

"It has been very difficult, I will say," Gales' mother, Tanisha, said.

The nonprofit organization Triumph over Tragedy intended to build the Gales family a new, handicap accessible home, but they are no longer able to do so.

Spokespersons for the group said they raised about $25,000 for the home, but don't think they can raise anymore. They are handing over the money to a fund dedicated in Gales' name and will no longer be involved.

"The house is going to come sooner or later. It just takes time and it's not our time, it's God's time," Devon Gales said.

The Gales family still needs a home that's suitable for Devon, and they're hoping people are still willing to help as he continues his fight to walk again.

"Don't put him as last year's news. He's still working hard. He's still doing everything possible to get stronger because he wants to show just what the miracle is that God has planned for him," Tanisha Gales said.

You can help the Gales family by donating to the Southern University Devon Gales Fund.