Officer 'regrets situation' that led to shooting Georgia Tech student

ATLANTA — A police officer is under investigation in the deadly shooting of a Georgia Tech student.

The GBI said Georgia Tech police Officer Tyler Beck fired the shot that killed Scout Schultz.

Investigators said Schultz called police and told them that a man was walking around the dorms Saturday with a knife in his hand and possibly a “gun on his hip.” They said Schultz left three suicide notes.

Four officers responded and that's when authorities said Schultz ignored officers' demands to drop a weapon in his hand.

They said Schultz approached the officers, despite continuous commands. The GBI said that is when Beck shot Schultz.

On Wednesday afternoon, Chief of Police of the Georgia Tech Police Department Rob Connolly, released a statement saying he is "deeply saddened" about Schultz's death:

Channel 2's Mark Winne got perspective from Beck's attorney.

"He (Beck) very much regrets the situation he was faced with, he and the other officers," said Don English, general counsel with the Southern States Police Benevolent Association. "He is very appreciative of the support he has received from the Georgia Tech community, including most of the students."

English said Beck was justified in the shooting.


"I've not talked to one law enforcement professional who would disagree that the use of force was justified in the situation that confronted these officers," he said.

Attorneys for the student's family disagree.

"Officers should not just have a gun. That's lethal force. Georgia Tech should have given them the option to use a Taser," said Candice McKinley, co-counsel for Schultz's family.

English said, "The entire situation could have been avoided had the suspect simply complied with the officer's commands and dropped the object he was carrying."

McKinley said training is key.

"It goes back to training and the tools he needed to see that Scout was having a mental episode," she said.

Beck, who has been a police officer less than two years, has not yet taken the state's 40-hour crisis intervention training. He has taken an eight-hour mental health crisis management course while with Georgia Tech, in addition to all of the courses he is required to take.

English said Beck is cooperating fully with the GBI investigation into the shooting.