• New photos released of woman accused of attacking great-grandmother over bread

    By: Matt Johnson


    ATLANTA - A great-grandmother beaten inside a Walmart hopes newly released pictures of her attacker will lead to an arrest.

    Sandra McClung told Channel 2’s Matt Johnson that she can still feel pain in her face nine months after the attack.

    Police say McClung was riding on a mobility scooter inside the Walmart on Howell Mill Road when a woman punched her repeatedly over a loaf of bread.

    She says when the stranger started cursing at her over the bread, she responded in kind.

    “I said, ‘Excuse me,’ and I backed up a little bit and my temper kicked in, and I said, ‘You're the (expletive),’” McClung said. “By the time I got to where the tea is, wham, from behind, right here. Then she jumped in front of me just started, you know, going at me. She never said a word, just hitting me, hitting me.”

    The great-grandmother says she still has headaches from the attack and hasn't given up hope that police will make an arrest.

    “I'd like to see her get caught because she might do this to somebody else,” McClung said. “I’m old enough to be her mother, at least, her grandmother.”


    The attacker faces simple assault and battery charges once police can identify and arrest her.

    McClung says she still shops at the Walmart and hopes police do not stop looking for her attacker.

    “She doesn't need to be out there, attacking people, doing stuff like that, over silly stuff,” she said.

    Police found the attacker’s cellphone the same day but say they have had trouble tracking her down because they say she keeps using fake names on driver’s licenses and rent applications.

    “Obviously she's some kind of a criminal or something's wrong to be using a lot of different phony names. She must be wanted somewhere for something,” McClung said.

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