'This is someone's grandfather!' Neighbors upset same man keeps breaking into cars

'This is someone's grandfather!' Neighbors upset same man keeps breaking into cars

ATLANTA — Police say a man in his 50s or 60s has been breaking into cars for years in several neighborhoods near Cambellton Road -- and even stole at least one car.

Channel 2's Matt Johnson obtained multiple videos of the same man pulling on car handles in the last few months in the same southwest Atlanta neighborhood. One video shows him getting into an unlocked truck and driving away.

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Johnson talked to neighbors who said they are having to protect themselves and their vehicles.

Some say they are shocked at who is committing the crimes.

Elizabeth Wilson and her husband, CW Wilson, had a truck stolen by the same person back in July. The say he got inside through an unlocked door.

"He takes his time, but it's the same guy," Elizabeth Wilson said. "This is someone's grandfather."

CW Wilson said it makes the couple upset but also sad.

"I do feel bad for him that a guy that old is still out there trying to make a living off the backs of other people," CW Wilson said.


The crimes have all happened off New Hope Road near Campbellton Road. Neighbors from three subdivisions shared seven different videos of the same man in different outfits dating back to June.

A video from Monday shows the same man pulling on door handles in the same area.

"He had stopped for awhile, but now he started again," Elizabeth Wilson said.

The Wilsons said the man appears to be unarmed, but he's also been seen going through the backyards of homeowners. They say they are worried a confrontation could leave either a neighbor or even the thief seriously hurt.

"If someone comes out and startles him, you don't know what might happen," Elizabeth Wilson said.

Johnson reached out to Atlanta police and learned that the detective on the case has copies of the video, as well.

Over the past few months, many residents have made it a point to lock their doors, but it appears the man keeps coming back.