More people getting second COVID-19 booster with summer approaching

ATLANTA — Some metro Atlanta pharmacies say they are seeing a surge in the number of people booking appointments for a second vaccine booster shot.

“As travel season has approached, we have seen a definite uptick in the number of people coming in,” said Dawn Lieber Sasine of Tuxedo Pharmacy in northeast Atlanta.

Leiber Sasine said her pharmacy is averaging 20-30 second booster patients each day.

She said the rise is driven not just by people planning to travel, but also concerns over a rise of COVID-19 variant infections in Georgia and across the country.

“We have seen an uptick in COVID cases. A lot of people have heard of someone who has gotten stuck overseas or gotten sick recently. So they just want to be safe,” Leiber Sasine said.


A woman came to the pharmacy Thursday to get a second vaccine booster shot.

She preferred to receive the shot at her doctor’s office but was told she would have to wait longer. So she decided to get it done at the pharmacy.

“This is just an added layer of protection,” Dale Penny said.

The pharmacy said it also has been getting many calls from parents on when booster vaccines will be available for their children, now that they have been approved for kids five to eleven years old.

“I think parents are eager to get their kids protected before they go away to camp,” Leiber Sasine said.