• Metro gas prices to start rolling back

    By: Jim Strickland


    ATLANTA - Metro Atlanta will soon feel relief from the spike in gas prices brought on by Hurricane Harvey's effect of Gulf refineries.  

    That word from two of Channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland's energy sources.

    "It's a quite natural reaction of the market to say a month from now prices will be lower because we'll have a better supply and demand situation," said Dr. Ray Hill, energy economist at Emory University. "I think we're going to have more than 10 cents, more than 20 cents drop in gasoline prices by that time.” 


    Andy Milton, supply director at Mansfield Oil in Gainesville, predicted $2.50 a gallon by mid-October.

    Milton told Strickland that gas supplies have vastly improved over the past two weeks, but some Texas refineries are only now getting product pumped into the Colonial Pipeline.

    Atlanta's main gas lifeline is still not pumping its usual volume, three weeks after having to halt the flow due to Hurricane Harvey.  

    "The fact that this is taking maybe a month, six weeks, that's not very long.  This is not virtual reality; this is reality," Hill said. 

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