• Mayoral candidate says front-runner ‘another corrupt career politician'


    ATLANTA - Strong words Tuesday from an Atlanta mayoral candidate against the front-runner in the race, City Councilwoman Mary Norwood.

    "Mary Norwood is just another corrupt career politician," candidate Peter Aman said.

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    Aman gave Channel 2’s Dave Huddleston a copy of documents he says he got from an open records request that shows Norwood’s council chief of staff and another employee also work on her campaign, blurring the line between taxpayer-funded city workers and campaign staff.

    Candidate Peter Aman says Mary Norwood is using city staffers on campaign.
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    "I find that hugely problematic. I’m calling on Mary Norwood to repay the taxpayers," Aman said in a news conference Tuesday.

    Huddleston took the allegations to Norwood. Her response to the accusation that she has city staff working on her campaign was, “That's correct."


    Norwood says there is no law that prohibits her from having her part-time City Hall staff work on her campaign, as long as she can prove taxpayer dollars aren't paying for campaign work.

    “We keep meticulous records and we know when they are there, when they are not there and when they are working for the city,” Norwood told Huddleston.

    Aman said Norwood should have to show financial records proving tax dollars weren't used for campaign work.

    "Mary Norwood is part of this political corruption in City Hall," Aman said.

    "Dave, as you know, I’ve been investigated over the years, numerous times; every single time, I’ve been exonerated," Norwood told Huddleston.

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