Mayor Bottoms selected as Spelman's commencement speaker and not all students are happy

ATLANTA — The selection of Atlanta's mayor as keynote speaker for commencement ceremonies at a well-respected college is causing lots of controversy.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has been selected to speak at Spelman College f or the college's  132nd commencement ceremony next month and the decision  has set the internet on fire.

Even at the campus in Southwest Atlanta, students are voicing their displeasure over the selection of Bottoms.

"I do not want her 'cause it does not seem like a good idea," student Atiya Ziyad said.

Many of the students seem to think Bottoms doesn't support the black community.

"She's a very good role model, but that doesn't mean that she should be a commencement speaker," student Alexi Dickerson explained.

Some students said Bottoms hasn't supported the Atlanta University Center and said she's in favor of gentrification.

"Gentrification isn't really a good thing for black areas because it doesn't help the black people rise up," Dickerson said.


People sounded off on social media about the selection of the Bottoms. Some were positive comments, and some not so positive.

There were so many memes, GIFs and comments strongly against the idea that it was trending on Twitter.

People against the idea also wanted someone of a larger stature, who has done more.

"But she is of that stature, like, it's Keisha Lance Bottoms," countered student Kiersten Mills.

Mills couldn't understand what students were thinking in not wanting Bottoms. She said the mayor is a part of the " Black Girl Magic" phenomenon. She said she is a role model, someone to be proud of. "She, like, is one of the people running the government and doing it well," she said.

Mills said the naysayers aren't looking at the big picture: "They are focused on who it is and their name and not their journey, to where they are," she said.

Spelman College did not respond to emails about the controversy.

The mayor's office sent the following statement:

"The mayor is honored to deliver the commencement address and equally proud that the legacy of student engagement and activism remains vibrant at Spelman College."

The ceremony is May 19.