Masked gunman steals thousands in cash from convenience store

Masked gunman robs convenience store of $7,000 cash

ATLANTA — Police are searching for a gunman and his getaway driver who stole thousands from an Atlanta convenience store.

Atlanta police said the duo hit the Majik Market around 1:30 a.m. at the corner of Bolton Road and Marietta Road in northwest Atlanta.

Authorities said the crooks got away with $7,000 in cash.

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The robber and his driver left in a black Toyota, possibly a Camry, heading east on Bolton Road, police said.


"We're looking at several possibilities as to what happened and certain circumstances that are just not adding up to our investigators right now and we’ll get to the bottom of this particular situation," said Capt. Reginald Moorman.

Police did not elaborate on what is “not adding up” in the case.

The suspect was described as wearing a black and red shirt, red sweats, red and white shoes, a white scarf around his face, a black and white hat, black gloves and black sunglasses.

There were no injuries reported.