Man makes major donation to cancer center after woman pays for his groceries

ATLANTA — UPDATE: Aldi has agreed to match the $10,000 donation to the Piedmont Healthcare Foundation.


A small bag of groceries led to a big donation at a local healthcare center.

Tracy Warshal was at an Aldi grocery store in Smyrna around Christmas when the customer behind her couldn’t find his wallet.

Without thinking twice, she paid for the man’s groceries, which she said only totaled about $7.




“He thanked me, asked my name and I said, 'Tracy' and that was it. I said, ‘Merry Christmas,’ and that was literally it,” she said.

Warshal, who works as a scheduling coordinator for Piedmont Healthcare, got a big shock when her quick act of kindness grew into a major donation to the Piedmont Healthcare Foundation in her name.

The donor, who wished to remain anonymous, donated $10,000 in Warshal’s honor.

A Piedmont spokesperson said the donor contacted the vice president of philanthropy, saying he wanted to thank Warshal for her kind gesture and asked for help tracking her down.

All he knew was her name and that she was wearing at Piedmont T-shirt.

“Just by my first name and T-shirt I was wearing, and he donated $10,000,” Warshal said.

The money will go to help cancer patients with treatments, prescriptions and other things like transportation and parking.

Warshal says she paid for the man’s groceries because it was natural.

“On our daily journey you never know what someone’s dealing with,” she said. “If you are able to do a small gesture for someone, just do it. It can make a world of difference.”

You can also donate to Piedmont Healthcare by clicking here.