Man killed, woman injured in shooting outside popular Atlanta bar

ATLANTA — A woman says it was "senseless and horrible" that she was shot and the man she was on a first date with was killed outside a popular Atlanta bar.

The shooting outside Church bar left 32-year-old Mitchell Mormon Jr. dead. Shaunita Walker says her new friend and another man got into an argument, then the man pulled out a gun.

"And when I heard the first shot and it went into my arm, and I just grabbed my arm and I just began to scream," Walker said.

Walker had no idea what seemed like a dream was about to turn into a nightmare.

"And then I heard two more shots and I saw Mitchell on the ground," she said.

Walker says everything was a blur after that.

"And I'm just screaming, 'Somebody please help us. Somebody please help him,'" she said.

The shooting took place around 3 a.m. Saturday outside of the Church bar on Edgewood Avenue.

Police released surveillance video of two people outside the bar.

Walker recalled how she tried to comfort Mormon after he was shot.

"I'm just telling him to breathe. It's going to be OK. Just breathe," she said.

Walker says the man in the white jacket in the surveillance video, who is Hispanic, tried to talk to her as she went back into the bar to retrieve her phone.

She says he then said something disrespectful.

"And Mitchell was like, 'What did he say to you?'" she said.

She says Mormon and the man began arguing. She says Mormon jokingly told the man he voted for Donald Trump and he would be gone next week.

Walker says the argument continued, the shooter went around the corner, came back with a gun and opened fire.

She wants the shooter off the street.

"Please, if anybody knows anything, please, this was so senseless. This was so horrible," she said through tears.

Walker doesn't think the comment about Trump played a role in the shooting. She says the gunman was intent on causing chaos from the very beginning.

Walker is recovering from her wounds in another state.