Man dies 3 years after stadium construction accident -- now his family wants justice

Now the man's family wants justice. Channel 2's Lori Wilson reports.

ATLANTA — A construction worker who was hit by scaffolding while building Mercedes-Benz Stadium three years ago has died, and now his family is calling for justice.

Sonny Rogers' family told Channel 2's Lori Wilson they have spent $10 million in medical fees since their brother was injured in 2015.

But for them, a new lawsuit is not about money, it's about honoring their loved one's life.

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"I hope that Atlanta does not forget about my brother," Rogers brother, CB Rogers, said, fighting to hold it together as he talked about the older brother he loved. "My brother, he really doesn't want us to cry right now. He would want us to celebrate. He loved the Falcons."

It was his love for the Atlanta Falcons that made him want to work with his brother Abie on constructing the new stadium.


"He gave it his all, his skill, his time. Dedicated. Came to work every day," Abie Rogers said about his brother.

In July 2015, while on the job, he was hit by scaffolding and critically injured. He succumbed to his injuries last month.

Rogers' family is suing the construction companies, saying they want justice for Sonny.

"This family is not bitter. This family, really, is just seeking justice, full accountability and just compensation for the loss," attorney Keenan Nix said.

Even on his funeral program, Sonny's love for the Falcons was front and center.  The siblings told Wilson that he died doing something he loved, but that doesn't make his loss hurt any less.

"We can't believe that he's gone. It's like a dream," sister Abiegale Rogers said.

"We don't want Atlanta to forget that what we celebrate came a really, really high price," Nix said.

There are more than 14 defendants listed in the lawsuit the family filed, all involved in the construction of the facility.

The family attorney said he expects to get the Rogers family more than $100 million in compensation.