Man carjacked by man armed with AR-15 in southwest Atlanta

ATLANTA — Atlanta police are looking for the people responsible for a carjacking and robbery at a Quikmart gas station on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

Police say the victim is a Quikmart employee. The victim was going to his truck when he was robbed.

Police documents say when the victim opened his driver's door, a man with dreadlocks exited the car parked next to him. Surveillance video shows the man pointing an assault rifle at the victim.


The victim says the armed robber told him, "This is not a game."

While the victim laid on the ground, he was robbed of $400 in cash, a ZTE Metro PCS phone and keys to his 2006 Dodge Durango (GA tag #PXN4670).

Police say the suspect drove away in the Dodge Durango with his accomplice.