Man arrested, charged with randomly shooting at cars

ATLANTA — Police say a man hiding in the woods of a southwest Atlanta neighborhood shot randomly at houses and passing cars.
It happened over the weekend in a community full of children off Camp Ground Road Southwest.
Eddie Bowen and his family were driving along Camp Ground Road Sunday on their way to the store when all of a sudden someone started shooting at their car.
"Pow, big ol' flash," Bowen said. "Sounded like a whole bunch of rocks hitting the car."
They said the gunshots were coming from a wooded area alongside the roadway.
"You could see the guy step back into the woods," Bowen said.
The alleged gunman is Rhashard Jones.
Police say Jones hid in the woods and shot at the Bowen family, including their 19-month-old baby girl, who was in the backseat.
"I just wanted to know what was going on with him and what was wrong with him for him to shoot at us," Bowen said.
Detectives working the case told Channel 2's Nefertiti Jaquez they're wondering the same thing. Especially when the Bowens weren't his only victims. 
In all, four families were left in fear when police say Jones started shooting randomly at homes and passing cars.
"He has shot in a house, at another vehicle,. (A) lady pulled up and said he had stuck a gun in her face as she was walking her kids," Bowen said.
The victims quickly called 911. SWAT teams and K-9 units converged on the neighborhood.
In a matter of minutes, officers arrested the suspect, who they say was half-naked, shaking violently and foaming at the mouth. 
Sources tell Jaquez when they arrested him he had a double-barrel 12-gauge shotgun and a black handgun.
They also say, he was also carrying 12 shotgun shells and 24 rounds of 9mm ammunition.
"It's evil. I doesn't get worse that than," Bowen said.