Man accused of threatening Rep. John Lewis: 'I will blow your head off'

ATLANTA — A local man is in federal custody after he threatened to kill a Georgia congressman's staff.

The FBI told Channel 2’s Dave Huddleston that the suspect demanded Rep. John Lewis and his staff help him get financial "reparations," but weren't sure exactly what that means.

They say the man called numerous times, and finally crossed the line when he said “I'll blow your head off.”

“One day in February, he called 46 times in a short period," said FBI agent Stephen Emmett.

Emmett is referring to Dante Rosser, 42.

"Mr. Rosser telephonically threaten(ed) that staffer with blowing his head off," Emmett said.


Huddleston sat two rows behind Rosser on Thursday afternoon as he appeared before a federal judge. He was dressed in jeans and a gray sweatshirt.

He’s charged with threatening a federal employee, a felony punishable with prison time.

Emmett said anyone can call elected officials to complain, but what Rosser is accused of doing went too far.

"That's part of the democratic process, making your views known to your elected official or staff. But making threats, specific threats, is a line you don't cross and Mr. Rosser is alleged to have crossed that line," Emmett said.

Huddleston called Lewis' office for comment but his staff referred all media calls to U.S. Capitol Police.

"We don't comment on ongoing investigations," a staffer told Huddleston.

Lewis has not said anything about the threats to his Atlanta staff.

Rosser's next court date is Monday morning.