• Local reverend warns of secret shopper check scam


    ATLANTA - The family of a beloved Atlanta philanthropist is being targeted by a notorious financial scam.   

    The Rev. Herbert Bridgewater is the son of the late humanitarian Mother Hughes. Bridgewater also spent 13 years with the Federal Trade Commission.

    He showed Channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland documents he'd received offering him a position as a secret shopper.

    "And they enclosed a check, an enormous check, $2,000, some odd dollars. All I had to do was buy the products, returns and for that, I was able to keep $300 of the money," said Bridgewater. "It did not sound legitimate to me."


    Bridgewater was to deposit the check and buy two big-dollar gift cards from the Apple store. He was instructed to later use those cards to purchase and send in Apple electronics.

    "The check looks legitimate," he said.

    The Navy Federal Credit Union confirms the check bearing its logo is a forgery.

    There's a real marketing company on the letterhead of the instructions. That company also confirmed its logo had been pirated. 

    Bridgewater would have bought those Apple products with real money from his bank account once the check had been proven fake.

    "Fraud is all over, and people need to understand you can't get something for nothing," he said.

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