• Jury selection in McIver trial likely to continue through week's end

    By: Christian Boone, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


    The latest: Jury selection continues in the trial of Tex McIver, accused of intentionally shooting his wife, Diane, in Sept. 2016. Based on instructions Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney has given to potential jurors, the process is likely to last through the end of the week. A fairly consistent pattern has emerged -- for every juror excused for cause or hardship, another is being asked back.

    Moving out? On Tuesday, McBurney broached the possibility of a change of venue, noting how many prospective jurors have shared opinions that McIver is guilty. But that won’t happen without a motion from the defense, and so far they’ve shown no inclination to move the trial from Atlanta.

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    Quotable: “I know of accidents that happen like that,” said Juror 83, discussing the fatal shooting of Diane McIver. Not the jazziest of quotes, but significant in that it’s the first time a potential juror expressed openness to Tex McIver’s story. The more common refrain: Guns don’t go off accidentally. 

    What’s next: A third pool of 48 citizens will be brought in Wednesday afternoon as the process continues.

    This article was written by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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