Inspired by Rep. John Lewis, demonstrators gather for ‘good trouble’ at Piedmont Park

Inspired by Rep. John Lewis, demonstrators gather for ?good trouble? at Piedmont Park

ATLANTA — People gathered for a rally for unity in the Black community at Piedmont Park Saturday night.

Channel 2′s Audrey Washington talked to demonstrators, who called for unity, racial justice and reinforced the importance of voting.

Courtney Patterson organized the march, which took the group all over the park. They chanted "Black Lives Matter" and "no justice, no peace!"

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“With everything that’s been going on in regards to police brutality, crime and violence in our own neighborhoods, it’s a cry for all of us to be one,” Patterson said.

Patterson said that many of the demonstrators Saturday night were inspired by the late congressman John Lewis.

Patterson said she was always inspired by Lewis because he fought tirelessly for equality and voting rights, some of the main rallying cries during Saturday's march.

“He’s such an important part of the Black community,” Patterson said. “He’s been such a huge voice for us and I feel like his call for action for us to continue to pushing for equality and voting, getting people out to vote.”

Jena Eisenberg said she hopes more marches continue in the coming months. She said it's time for some real change.

“I feel like I’ve woken up and my eyes are open and I have to support the Black community and as well as people of color,” Eisenberg said. “It can’t go on like this anymore. People have looked away for far too long and it’s just time to see it.”

The group is already planning to hold yet another march in the coming weeks.

“It’s just important for us to get into some good trouble right now, and that’s what we’re out here doing,” Patterson said.

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