Injuries from electronic scooters on the rise, ER doctor says

ATLANTA — An emergency room doctor said they are seeing a rising number of injuries from electric scooters.

The e-scooters are a cheap, quick way to get around short distances. You can activate and pay for the new high-tech transportation through your smartphone.

The problem is, many drivers don’t follow the rules of the road, and that’s leading to more people getting hurt.

On Bird Scooters list of local rules for riding, the first two are commonly ignored around the city – no riding on sidewalks and no riding without a helmet.

Channel 2's Tom Regan saw several riders out Friday, all without helmets and on the sidewalk.

“With laws not being followed by some of these riders, you're going to see a higher incident of injuries,” said Dr. Sulieman Waz at Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center.


Waz told Regan they've treated many e-scooter riders for injuries.

“Starting from abrasions, falls, cuts, to more serious injuries to abdominal injuries also head injuries and concussions,” he said.

Grady Memorial Hospital says they treat about 10 people a month for e-scooter injuries.

“People do drink while they are on there. A lot of injuries associated with that,” Waz said.

Regan checked Atlanta's DUI code, and yes, you can be charged with e-scooter DUI if you're over the limit.

Georgia Tech police are starting to crack down on riders who don't obey the rules.