'I was getting very scared of this guy.' Uber ride turns into wild ride

ATLANTA — A ride-sharing customer says his Uber ride turned into a wild situation after his driver kicked him out of the car.

Jeff Paules said the ride began pretty normally when the driver picked him up in Buckhead, but just a few miles south, things got strange.

“I was scared. I didn’t know what to do,” Paules said.

He told Channel 2's Justin Wilfon that he was about halfway through his trip to the Atlanta airport when his driver started yelling at him.

“And (he) said, ‘I want you out of my car! Out of my car! Out of my car!’” Paules said.

The driver was angry, Paules said, because Paules signed up for Uber’s pool service, in which riders share the car with other riders.

Paules said the Uber driver believed he brought along so much luggage, there wasn’t room for anyone else.

“I had three very large bags because I’m in the process of moving,” Paules said.

But as they were headed down Interstate 85 -- not far from the airport -- Paules said the driver found a shocking solution.


“He got out of the car and took the two big bags that he had put in the trunk and threw them on the side of the road,” Paules said.

Paules shared a picture with Wilfon of his luggage and the Uber driver on the side of I-85.

After Paules called police, the report said the driver, Richard Thomas, 24, admitted to police he wanted Paules out because "he had too much luggage."

Police arrested Thomas for driving with a suspended license.

Wilfon went to the address listed in the police report Wednesday and knocked on Thomas’ door, but there was no answer.

Paules told Wilfon that he still doesn't quite understand his wild ride.

“It was quite a scary episode. I didn’t know what this guy’s motivation was. It was something more than just the bags,” Paules said.

Wilfon has talking with Uber about this story since last week, but so far, they have not sent him a statement about what happened, or why one of their drivers may have been allowed to drive with a suspended license.

Paules said Uber did give him a full refund.