7 people hurt in drive-by shooting in Old Fourth Ward

ATLANTA — Seven people were injured in a drive-by shooting that happened in Old Fourth Ward early Thursday morning.

Police said a group of people were outside apartments in the 600 block of Parkway Drive off of Boulevard and North Avenue when people in two cars drove by and started shooting at the group.

Two women and five men were injured. Police said all are expected to survive.

Police said the apartment complex is known for drug and gang activity and they believe the shooting was an isolated incident.

The victims all knew each other, according to police.

Channel 2's Lori Wilson talked to neighbors, who said they were surprised to hear about the shooting so close by. The area is known of a mix of mutlimillion dollar luxury town homes as well as affordable housing.

Hannah Lambert moved into the transitional neighborhood four months ago, and said she feels safe.

"Eclectic, there's for sure a little bit of everything over here," Lambert said. "You can see it's a little bit more rundown over here, but I've never perceived any danger and I'm kind of surprised that that happened over here."

Lambert said she didn't hear the dozens of shots fired overnight, but witnesses who did asked to not be identified.

"By this time, we were running in the building," a resident said. "We fell and everything. We had to dive on the floor."


The neighbors who didn't want to be identified live in affordable housing. Just down the street are million-dollar modern developments.

The place the shooting occurred is an area where police said they are working to curb crime.

"It's somewhat challenged, this particular series of apartment complexes that stretches for awhile," Maj. Michael O'Conner with Atlanta Police said. "The entire time I've been here, it's been something of a drug market over there."

Lambert said this recent shooting doesn't make her too worried to call the neighborhood home.

"I wouldn't say I feel unsafe," Lambert said. "It's definitely a little bit dicey over there, but I think that it's just different people in a different situation than the people on the other side of the road. But it doesn't make them any less of good people, you know?"

Police are adding more officers in the streets in the area. They say they haven't arrested anyone, but the think that they know who they are looking for.