Grandmother furious after she says 5-year-old left on day care van for 3 hours

The owner of the day care says the child was never in any danger, and disputes he was on the van that long.

ATLANTA — A grandmother is not happy after she says her grandchild was left in a day care center van for three hours.

The owner of the day care says the child was never in any danger, and disputes he was on the van that long.

Lisa Crawford says her intuition told her exactly what was going on when her 5-year-old grandson's school texted her saying he wasn't at school. She also found out he wasn't at day care either.

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"I said, ‘That lady done left my baby in the back of that van.’ I just had that feeling," Crawford explained

She's talking about the Future Leaders Christian Academy van driver. Now, she wants her arrested after Major was found in the van at the day care center.

"Like I'm not going to feel better until they lock her up," she said.

Crawford says the Future Leaders Christian Academy driver picked up Major and his sister last Monday. She says the driver dropped his sister off at school, but Major didn't get off. Crawford says the driver made other stops with Major asleep in the van.

“Three hours. He had been in that truck for three hours," Crawford said.


Crawford said the driver finished her route and went back to the day care. But she says she never did an important part of her job.

"She never walked her bus," she said.

The state is now investigating. We went by the day care center to get its side of the story. Owner Deke

Cooper says the child was never in any danger and he says the child was not in the van as long as three hours.

Cooper couldn't say much because of the state investigation, but he said the bus driver suffered a stroke and paramedics and staff dealt with her, then focused on the child. He couldn't say why the child was still on the van and not at school.

Cooper did say the school bends over backwards to keep children safe.

"We're about education but safety is first and foremost," he said.

The state says so far this year it has investigated 15 complaints about children left in day care vans and buses throughout Georgia. Ten of those complaints have been substantiated. That's after it had 16 complaints last year with 12 substantiated.

This incident is still under investigation.