Fulton County begins giving out Pfizer vaccine booster shots

ATLANTA — Fulton County began giving out vaccine booster shots to seniors and others who may be at greater risk of infection from COVID-19.

They expect to administer hundreds of shots a day.

Channel 2′s Tom Regan went to one vaccination site at the Fulton County Government Center where he found a doctor getting a booster shot.

Dr. Davon Thomas treats COVID-19 patients and has seen suffering and loss up close.

“We are seeing a lot more younger patients getting sick from COVID, and a lot are dying alone,” Thomas said.

That’s why he took time off from his vacation Tuesday to get his third shot.

“We are at increased exposure risk, so to protect myself I’m getting a booster to make sure my antibodies are up to date,” Thomas said.


Fulton County is now administering Pfizer booster shots to those 65 and up and others whose medical condition or job puts them at a higher risk of infection.

“Booster shots are important for people who have been vaccinated that may have waning immunity. It’s especially important with people who are older, especially with people who work in nursing homes, things like that,” said Dr. David Holland, chief clinical officer for Fulton County.

Holland said booster shots won’t necessarily curb the spread of the virus in the community but reduce illness and hospitalizations.

“The vast majority of new infections, hospitalizations and deaths are among people who have not received any vaccinations at all,” Holland said. “It’s very important for people who have not received their first or second shot to do that first.”

The county expects to administer several hundred booster shots a day at three locations. Thomas said he’s encouraging any reluctant health care workers to get the vaccine.

“Especially if they are taking care of COVID patients. It gives you unbeatable protection,” Thomas said.

A new study finds the amount of microbiota in your nose and throat may determine whether or not you’ll get sick from the virus.