Former Braves player ecstatic over World Series win

ATLANTA — Until Tuesday night, the last time the Atlanta Braves had won the World Series was 1995.

Channel 2′s Tom Jones spent the day Wednesday tracking down some of the key players on that team to get their reaction to the Braves’ 2021 World Series victory.

Fans are super excited after the Braves’ clinching win against the Astros Tuesday night at the World Series. But no one is more excited than Otis Nixon.

Nixon was so excited about the win that he texted Jones a picture of the championship trophy at 1 a.m. Wednesday.

Everywhere Nixon traveled, excited fans wanted to do the tomahawk chop in front of his huge tomahawk.

The former Braves outfielder was on the Braves 1999 World Series team that failed to bring the championship home.


“I’ve been waiting 22, or 26 years. I couldn’t wait any longer,” Nixon said.

He told Jones that he got really excited watching the clinching game Tuesday night.

“I felt like I was in the game. Every pitch,” Nixon said.

He said this Braves team is special and the championship is just what the city needs.

“We couldn’t ask for a better script to be written out like this,” Nixon said.

He will continue riding around with the tomahawk autographed by celebrities and everyday Braves fans.

“I got pulled over by the police. State trooper. And he said, ‘Hey, go Braves,’” Nixon said.

Nixon is enjoying basking in the glow of the city’s second championship.

He hopes to raise money from the sale of the tomahawk to benefit local charities. He hopes to ride in Friday’s parade with it.