Firefighters save 9-month-old from burning home

ATLANTA — Firefighters say the odds were against a baby who survived a house fire Wednesday night in southwest Atlanta.
"When we got on scene, there were people outside yelling and screaming that there was a child inside," Sgt. Cortez Stafford with the Atlanta Fire Department said.

Fire officials gave Channel 2 Action News a photo of the 9-month-old boy being rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Authorities said


he baby had soot in his nose and suffered some smoke inhalation.

“We train. We prepare for this,” Sgt. Stafford said.

The fire in the 4000 block of Bakers Ferry Road in southwest Atlanta surprised the family living there.

Fire officials said they rushed to escape the flames but the baby was trapped inside.

Squad 4 used a thermal imaging camera to locate the child.

“So Squad 4 went in there on their hands and knees to look for this child. We had other crews in there searching too,” Stafford said. “They're looking under everything. You have to search high and low and I believe they found the child under a mattress or under some debris on the floor.”

“Thankfully the child was alert, the child was dazed and confused a little bit, rightfully so, but the child was breathing.”