Father on mission to improve intersection where his daughter died

ATLANTA — A man whose daughter was killed in a traffic accident has joined a campaign to improve the busy intersection.

A car hit and killed Alexia Hyneman, 14, on Monroe Drive and 10th Street in midtown Atlanta last year.

The driver told police he did not see Hyneman, who was riding her bike when it happened around 3 p.m.

She was a freshman at Grady High School.

A neighborhood group wants to slow down traffic on Monroe Drive and turn one traffic lane into a bike lane.

Alexia's father wants to make sure no family has to go through their pain.

"it hit her hard enough to send her quite a distance.  I don't quite understand how the car accelerated that fast in the brief route that it had but it had to," Thomas Hyneman said.

There are two more days for public comment on the project.