Fans left out of SEC Championship game over counterfeit tickets

ATLANTA — As fans filed in to Mercedes-Benz Stadium to watch UGA take on Auburn for the SEC Championship game Saturday, some fans had a hard time getting in because of counterfeit tickets.

For the most part, fans told Channel 2's Lauren Pozen they had no issues getting in, but those who did said it all came down to the tickets.

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"It’s a long time since Georgia has been here. A long time,” one Georgia fan said.

“I am here to support our Eagles. We are going to be humble throughout this whole process and we going to play out hearts out,” Auburn fan Steve Wallace told Pozen.


As fans made their way towards Mercedes-Benz Stadium, they were greeted with security and extra police presence to make sure there weren’t any issues.

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Before you can even get in the stadium you have to go through security. There is a list posted of items you can have and can’t have.

Most fans with their tickets got in with no problems.

But that wasn’t the case for some. One man, who didn’t identify himself, told Pozen he bought two tickets near the stadium for $600.

“They wanted $400 a piece for two tickets, floor level. So I said $300 a piece, they said yes before game time,” the man said.

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Turns out, they were counterfeit.

“I went to two different gates they wouldn’t scan at either place,” the man said.

If fans had counterfeit tickets, the ticket validation center took them back so there would be no chance of them circulating again.

Another issue fans had with the tickets ranged from UPS not delivering them on time to problems with Ticket Master.

Some fans told Pozen there was a delay with the Ticket Master email.