Falcons host interactive camp to educate moms about football safety

Statistics suggests a decline in football participation.

ATLANTA — Mothers used to cheering from the sidelines are learning important lessons about football in Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The Atlanta Falcons are in the fifth year of a special mother's education.

Once a year, moms come together and learn football.

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Statistics suggests a decline in football participation.

Falcons Vice President of Community Relations Chris Millman is hoping to change that.

The Falcons are using the interactive camp to educate mothers about making the right safety decisions for their children.

Dozens of moms are used to cheering from the sidelines but today they're in Mercedes-Benz Stadium learning important lessons about football.

The main focus of the program is to make mothers aware and keep children active.

The mothers are also learning about the dangers of steroids and what to look out for to keep their children safe.

Taylor Hooton used anabolic steroids and ultimately took his life. His family started the Hooton Foundation, a non-profit to educate families about steroid and supplement abuse.

Foundation spokesman Brian Parker spoke to these moms about the realities and dangers of those substances.

"We looked around and we noticed that there are a couple million kids involved with these drugs and there was not really a group out there talking about it," Parker said. "So that transitions us into an event like this where we can spread our education to a very important demographic and that's moms."