• Ex-officer accused of sexual assault, child molestation, turns himself into jail

    By: Nicole Carr


    ATLANTA - A former police officer has turned himself into police, hours after a 5 p.m. deadline.  

    Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne broke the news Friday morning that the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office had issued 15 arrest warrants for former East Point police Sgt. Richard Gooddine. 

    Gooddine was instructed to turn himself into police by 5 p.m. Friday, but had not shown up to the jail until shortly before 9 p.m. Channel 2 investigative reporter Nicole Carr has been waiting outside the jail for Gooddine to show up, so she can get any comment from him about the charges against him. 

    Richard Gooddine has been processed into the Fulton County Jail.
    Richard Gooddine has been processed into the Fulton County Jail.
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    Channel 2 Action News learned Friday that every story we have reported on and uncovered over the past month has led to these charges.

    Winne first reported on claims that Gooddine sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl on Aug. 20.

    Last week, Gooddine was fired by East Point police. Carr was there as he walked out of police headquarters, holding his termination papers. 

    Gooddine would only say he was not guilty as she pressed him about the allegations against him. 
    Throughout our investigation, Channel 2 Action News learned of another woman who accused Gooddine of similar allegations years ago.

    In an interview with Winne on Thursday, she alleged that she was 14 years old when Gooddine allegedly sexually assaulted her

    Gooddine is now facing charges of aggravated sexual battery, child molestation, sexual assault by law enforcement agency employee, violation of oath by a public official, threatening or causing physical or economic harm to hinder or delay testimony or prosecution, and enticing a child for indecent purposes.

    One of the charges ties directly to video Channel 2 Action News first showed of Gooddine walking the halls of a local hospital hours after an alleged attack earlier this month.

    “She was terrified, crying,” the alleged victim’s mother said. “I immediately brought my daughter here to the hospital.”

    “The officer involved followed them to this hospital location, exited his vehicle, walked inside the emergency room department and stalked the hallways of the emergency department looking for the victims," the victim’s attorney, Thomas Reynolds, said. 

    Carr told Reynolds about the warrants late Friday afternoon. He was traveling at the time but sent a statement, saying: 

    "While it is astonishing that it took over seven years and four victims to reach this point, the family will undoubtedly be relieved that this individual, who hid behind the protection of his badge, will finally have to face legal consequences for the allegations against him.  

    "We are thankful for the bravery of the past victims and witnesses who have come forward and we encourage others who may have useful information to continue reaching out to our office so we can pursue justice for the victims."

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