Neighbors blame broken traffic signal for deadly crash

ATLANTA — Francine Samuels lives near Campbellton Road and Camp Creek Parkway, where two cars crashed on Sunday, killing a driver in one of the cars.

South Fulton police say one car was going eastbound on Campbellton Road and one was going westbound on Campbellton Road when they hit each other.

"This (traffic) light has been blinking almost a week," Samuels said. "You (are) supposed to stop when the light is out, and this is what people do not do, but there’s a high volume of traffic, and it’s -- all the time, accidents happen right here."


We called the city of South Fulton to ask if the lights were out all week and what delayed them getting fixed. We also sent an email.

The crash took out a crosswalk pole, scattered debris across the intersection, backed up traffic for at least a mile and damaged both cars.

"It’s bad that we lost a life. You drive for yourself and you gotta drive for everybody else," Samuels said.

It's still unclear what caused the crash, and we haven't heard back from the city about the traffic light not working.