Demonstrators brave heat to line up outside Fulton jail ahead of Trump surrender

ATLANTA — Demonstrators both supportive of former President Donald Trump and against him, braved the heat Thursday to line up outside the entrance of the Fulton County Jail ahead of his surrender on allegations that he conspired to overturn the 2020 election here in Georgia.

Channel 2′s Tom Jones spent the day speaking to people on both sides who all said they wanted to be a part of history.

“We are out here to support Donald J. Trump. Because he has been wrongly put through all of this madness,” supported Deborah Jolley said.

Nadine Seiler felt differently.

“Trump 2024 for prison! Trump 2024 for prison!” she yelled.

A vast majority of the demonstrators were there in support of Trump.

Then there was this man dressed as a wolf.


He used a fairy tale to make his point that Trump is getting exactly what he deserves.

“I’m a wolf. I’m the big bad wolf. But Trump is worse. Trump did things I could never do,” the told Jones.

Both sides were all mixed together -- and at times it got a little tense.

“Are you a Christian?” one man asked another female demonstrator.

“I believe in goodness. What do you believe in?” she replied back.

Jones said for the most part, everyone got along peacefully.

“We’re peaceful and I think that’s how it should be. I think this is awesome to see the different views,” Jolley said.

The demonstrators are expected to remain at the jail until after Trump leaves.