Delta helps traveling woes with free pizza

Delta helps traveling woes with free pizza

ATLANTA — After cancelling some 300 flights and severe storms causing delays for many others, Atlanta-based Delta Airlines tried to ease some of their customers’ woes with – what else – pizza!

The airline ordered more than 450 boxes of pizza for several passengers at airports in Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Ohio, Kentucky and other states with canceled or delayed flights affected by the storms.

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This isn’t Delta’s first time offering free grub to keep customers happy.

Last year, during Delta’s massive power outage that led to 2,300 canceled flights, the airline brought affected passengers donuts, pizza and free booze.

And in 2015, after a string of storms caused passengers heading to Atlanta to divert to South Carolina, Delta threw a few pizza parties to ease the pain.

“We know it’s not fun to be stuck on the ground somewhere,” Delta corporate communications manager Michael Thomas said.

Though Thomas doesn’t know exactly how many pizza boxes were dispatched, he said several stations in the Southeast are in on the action.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution contributed to this article.