• Dash cam video shows tree falling on car on Juniper Street

    By: Kristen Holloway


    Dashcam video shows lightning strike a massive tree, which then fell onto a car in Midtown. 

    Channel 2's Kristen Holloway was in Midtown, where crews are still working to remove the tree Tuesday afternoon. The tree fell near the patio at Einstein's restaurant on Juniper Street, causing some damage to the patio. 

    A 2019 Mazda sports car was destroyed when the tree fell. The sports car's own camera caught the flash of lightning and the moment of impact. 

    Holloway talked to Johnny Morrisonbuhr, who works at Einstein's at just bought the car in March. 

    "We just a heard a clap of thunder and then we heard what we thought was another clap of thunder," Morrisonbuhr said. "And then the lights went out and another one of my associates came running and she was like, 'Johnny, your car! Your car!'" 

    Morrisonbuhr said when he saw the damage he wanted to cry. 


    "I wanted to be mad, and then I just wanted to laugh at the entire thing," Morrisonbuhr said. "Thank God we had it insured."

    Thankfully no one was hurt. Morrisonbuhr said he was inside the car just minutes before the tree fell. 

    "I came out about ten minutes before this happened, so I come out to look for a couple of items and the trunk and went back in," he said. 

    Morrisonbuhr said he hopes to have a new car in the next few weeks. 

    Storms also knocked out power for hundreds of people in Midtown.  

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