Crews rip up parts of rainbow crosswalk in Midtown

ATLANTA — The popular rainbow crosswalks in Midtown Atlanta are damaged and sections are missing just months after they were installed.

Parts of the $196,000 paint job vanished when city crews tore up part of the intersection at 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue.

The city installed the crosswalks last summer as a source of pride for Atlanta's gay community. Even then the price tag raised eyebrows.

“You could have paid me 50 bucks and I would have done it. Two-hundred thousand dollars – that’s just way too much money,” neighbor Lloyd Dinwiddie said.

City officials said crews resurfaced part of the intersection Tuesday.

The city told Channel 2's Justin Wilfon AT&T tore up the rainbow crosswalk for utility work.  The city told Wilfon they will work with AT&T with the hopes they may cover the cost of restoring it.

Officials said the crosswalks will be repainted in the next 30 to 45 days.