• Burglars use slegdehammer to break into phone store; $10K in product stolen

    By: Tyisha Fernandes


    ATLANTA - Atlanta police are searching for the burglars they say used a sledgehammer to break through a brick wall to steal thousands of dollars worth of cellphones.

    Workers are patching up the hole in the wall left by burglars who broke into the Boost Mobile store on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in southwest Atlanta Friday night.

    Surveillance video shared by the store's owner shows at least two masked burglars coming in through the back of the store after they made a hole through a wall.


    The burglars were also seen breaking the hinges off a door, and stealing about $10,000 in merchandise.

    The manager, who did not want to be identified, was the first person to see the aftermath of the burglary.

    "I was shook up, because I got here and when I walked in the door was off the hinges. The first thing, I was like 'Oh my God.' I ran to the back and I was so paranoid shaking real bad. I was just really scared and frustrated like what just happened," the manager said.

    The manager says someone used sledgehammers to get into several other businesses in the area.

    "It's hurting us most, because they're breaking in, stealing phones and stuff that don't belong to them. If you want it that bad, work for it," the manager said.

    Police said the Metro PCS Store and Autozone were burglarized with similar tactics.

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