• Black Lives Matter groups meets with Georgia Black Caucus

    By: Brett Rosner


    ATLANTA - Members of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus met Friday morning with members of Greater Atlanta Black Lives Matter.

    They met at the state capitol to discuss their positions and work to address racial divides in the country. The goal was to come together for solutions.

    Channel 2's Audrey Washington saw representatives of both Black Lives Matter Atlanta and Greater Atlanta Black Lives Matter at the capitol. 

    Erica Thomas speaking after the meeting.
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    The representatives said they wanted to bring the groups together not just to talk about organizing and marching, but about what can be done to create change.

    "We came together because we want to create solutions. Everybody is talking about the problems, and one big solution is voting,” said Rep. Erica Thomas.

    Thomas said she wants the groups that have been protesting to take that same organization to the voting booths. 

    "if you're mad about a DA not indicting police officers who are shooting and killing black men, vote them out. Vote the DA out," she said.

    District representatives hope to form a Black Lives Matter advisory committee and hold a meeting in the next few weeks.

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