Atlanta police seize drugs and guns from food mart

Atlanta police seize drugs and guns from a popular food mart

ATLANTA — A monthlong investigation led to a drug bust at an Atlanta food mart.

Channel 2 Action News was there moments after the Atlanta police narcotics unit stormed into the popular northwest Atlanta food mart with their guns drawn.

Undercover agents were looking for Navin Dhawan and J.C. Butler. Police said they arrested the duo for dealing drugs out of the neighborhood store.

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It all unfolded on Thursday at the store along the 1200 block of Joseph E. Boone Boulevard.

Channel 2's Nefertiti Jaquez got tipped off about the raid by neighbors who were tired of the illegal activity happening in their community.

Police said they launched their investigation about a month ago.

We’re told that in that time several undercover drug purchases were made inside the store.

They said they have evidence of Dhawan, who’s a store clerk, and Butler, who’s an accomplice, selling drugs from the store.


When they served the warrant, detectives noted drugs where scattered through the business saying, "Marijuana and multiple types of pills (were) in plain view.”

Court records show they also seized cocaine, Oxycontin, Ecstasy pills and various firearms, including a shotgun.

When Jaquez went back out to the store on Sunday, the lights of the business were on, but residents said the store has been shut down since the raid.