Atlanta police help family find new home, change their lives

ATLANTA — A family now has a roof over their heads after getting help they didn't expect.

Ebony Rhodes has three sons, a daughter and many reasons to be thankful this Christmas.

Last December her family was living out of her car and she hit rock bottom at a traffic stop.

There were problems with her license, there was no registration so the officer impounded her vehicle and arrested her.

But there was just one problem: To a mother and her four kids, this car meant everything.

“When I got off work, we would just sleep right there in the parking lot in my car,” Rhodes said. “A lot of people didn’t know that because I was still going to work.”


Several Atlanta officers found out about the family's situation and stepped up with heart, and some great ideas.

Deputy chief Jeff Glazier helped get the car back, find a shelter and then an affordable apartment.

“If we were to let Ebony’s family fail, I think that would be a failure on us,” Glazier said. “I think we all have to come together and help each other out.”

Rhodes has serious health problems, and to make ends meet, her 17-year-old son Calvin goes from his high school to work.

“I work until about 10 or 11,” Calvin said.

“You couldn’t expect an average 17-year-old to do the things he does, and it brings a lot of joy to you it really does. it's really very, very helpful,” said Rhodes said.

APD officers have launched a GoFundMe to cover bills for a year, so the family can "catch up."

“We are more alike than un-alike. We are all in this together,” Glazier said.

“Atlanta police department is my backbone, they help me come a long way,” Rhodes said.

For more on their story, visit their GoFundMe page: