Atlanta filmmaker takes aim at beauty queen's disappearance

ATLANTA — An Atlanta filmmaker is shedding new light and hoping to generate new leads in one of Georgia’s longest-running mysteries.

Payne Lindsey’s

focuses on the disappearance of Irwin County woman Tara Grinstead.%



The teacher and former beauty queen disappeared from her Ocilla home in October 2005.

Witnesses last saw Grinstead at a beauty pageant, then at a co-worker’s barbecue before she went home.

When she failed to show up for work at school the following Monday, police went to Grinstead’s home.

Her cellphone and car were still there and investigators found a single latex glove outside.

"I think the whole case needs a fresh look," Lindsey said.

Lindsey has released three episodes of his podcast so far and is planning to release more episodes soon.


"Ever since I released the first episode, every week I've had new calls, new emails from locals," Lindsey said.

Lindsey told Channel 2 Action News he has been sharing new leads and information with a private investigator who worked with Grinstead’s family shortly after her disappearance.%



Channel 2 Action News asked Lindsey if he has any theories in the case.

"I do though however have a gut feeling that has kind of built up over the past probably month or so about a certain individual that hasn't really been explored," said Lindsey.

Lindsey is currently self-funding his podcast.

He has started a GoFundMe page to raise money to keep it going.

"I think it will be solved and I hope I'm a part of it," said Lindsey.