• Atlanta Falcons fan bawls after big win against Green Bay

    By: Jessica Sooknanan


    ATLANTA - The Atlanta Falcons are heading to Super Bowl LI, and one super fan just couldn't contain his emotions after the win Sunday.

    Jonathan Tarantino was watching the game with friends in his Atlanta apartment Sunday and couldn't contain his emotions after the Falcons' win against the Green Bay Packers. The Falcons defeated the Packers 44-21, securing their spot in the Super Bowl.

    "I've waited for this ever since the 49ers," Tarantino said in a video shot by his wife, Kayte.

    Tarantino, who grew up in Gwinnett County, told Channel 2 Action News that he's a lifelong Atlanta fan. 

    "Since I could walk," said Tarantino. "An Atlanta fan no matter what, whether it be the Falcons, the Hawks or the Braves." 


    He vividly remembers the Falcons' 2012 loss to the 49ers during the NFC Championship game.

    "That's the first thing I thought of," said Tarantino. "Me and my wife, or my fiancée that the time, were watching at the Taco Mac at the CNN Center. I'll never forget that... It was a devastating loss."

    He couldn't believe his team pulled out such a strong win against the Packers.

    "Remembering that loss and watching them be able to beat the Packers the way they did, it was just a lot of emotion coming out all at once," said Tarantino.

    The Falcons will take on the New England Patriots Sunday Feb. 5 in Houston.

    Tarantino said he and his wife are working on a plan to get to Houston.

    "We probably won't get tickets, but me and my wife might drive to Houston to be there," said Tarantino. "It'll be once in a lifetime. It'll be awesome to have a little road trip and experience the environment there."

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