APS superintendent says all students invited to attend summer school

ATLANTA — Atlanta Public Schools is offering summer school to help close the learning gap for students who have fallen behind during the pandemic.

Channel 2 Anchor Jovita Moore talked to Superintendent Lisa Herring about how the program will go.

Herring said the Summer Academic Recovery program will be held June 2-30 and will be available to everyone, but there is a targeted population that will be “strongly encouraged” to attend.

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“In that targeted population, we have looked at the most recent milestones assessment, we look at attendance,” Herring said. “And then we also look at academic performance from this past year. Those students, which is about 30,000, will receive a special invitation to attend.”

The first half of summer school day will focus on literacy and math in the morning and then move to “power up programming” in the afternoon, which helps students with unfinished learning and academic learning loss. Students can attend virtually or in person.

“So as optimistic as we try to be, and we know staff, teachers, everyone, everyone’s been working so hard this past year, but we know kids are gonna fall through the cracks, things are going to be missed, lessons are going to be forgotten,” Herring said. “So it’s important to get back in there and refresh and catch up and all that.”

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