App lets you reserve parking at Lenox Square

ATLANTA — If parking on Black Friday stresses you out, some new technology may be right up your alley.

The "My Park App" lets you reserve a parking space at Lenox Square so you don’t have to drive around in circles looking for an empty spot.

“So I have space number 2. All I have to do is drive up tap the “let in” button and it lowers the device immediately,” CEO Luis Mayendia showed Channel 2’s Carol Sbarge.

The two founders of the app came up from Miami to show Sbarge firsthand how it works.

Right now, the My Park App has 32 spaces reserved near four entrances at Lenox Square.

Right now, they have 32 spaces reserved near four entrances at Lenox Square and all you have to do is reserve a space using your app.

“The main screen of the app, you'll see the list of locations and number of available spaces,” Mayendia said.

The app gives you a specific parking space that will cost you $3 for two hours, and then $3 for every additional hour.


“It's tailored specifically for that customer, that guest that wants the convenience. That doesn't want the hassle,” Mayendia said.

Shoppers were intrigued by the app.

“This parking lot gets full every year and you're circling the parking lot trying to find a space. Having one when I pull up is amazing,” shopper Kimberly Shunpert said.

With the app you can even reserve a space as far out as six months for peak shopping days. The company is operating in six states and plans to keep expanding.

My Park App at Lenox Square Mall

If you're tired of circling the parking lot on Black Friday, this app is for you.

Posted by WSB-TV on Thursday, November 23, 2017